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How I overcame ADD, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic stress, depression and low self esteem
 naturally by Gail Seymour, MSA, past Communications Vice-Pres., Assoc. for Holistic Health

Photo of Gail Seymour I have a very personal and true story that I’d like to share with you about a lifetime of sadness and loneliness, which ultimately became one of joy, peace and fulfillment. It's a story that I promised myself I'd share one day -- if and when I recovered -- about how I overcame anxiety and panic attacks, low self-esteem, nutritional and brain chemistry imbalances or ADD, the fear of the failure, chronic depression, profound loneliness, and hypoglycemia or low blood sugar resulting in irritability, impulsiveness and mood swings. If you like, I can and will share with you how I moved successfully although slowly through the recovery process, after experiencing what is generally termed two "nervous breakdowns" spanning a period of fifteen years, and how I healed myself completely after hearing the heartbreaking comments – not just once, but twice – from a well-known south Florida psychiatrist who told my mother, a retired nurse anesthetist, when asked for his diagnosis, that I’d "never be right." This is not a canned program where you read a book or listen to generic tapes costing hundreds of dollars. It’s not Internet coaching, where you're asked to spend hours writing your heart out, impatiently waiting for a reply, often times from a foreign country. It’s not a "how to" book, a seminar, or someone else’s canned program (a franchise).

If it's not a tape, a CD or book, then what is it? It’s confidential, individualized one-on-one coaching that just happens to be conducted on the telephone. I've helped thousands of people worldwide, on another very popular web site, overcome trauma and acute stress disorders. I was also in private practice in California and Arizona doing one-on-one personal coaching. Over the past fifteen years, I have saved dozens of people from committing suicide. My direct and intentionally blunt style of coaching is designed to keep you from spiraling into yet a deeper state of depression, which frequently leads to suicide. I should know; I’ve been there. I also know how it feels to be betrayed. One incident and the deepest depression that I've ever known came on in a matter of minutes. But this isn't about me anymore; it's about you. Together we will meet your specific needs today by moving you through the physical, emotional / mental and spiritual causes of anxiety and panic attacks, quickly and affordably.

You may be wondering why I use the words "consulting" and "coaching" rather than "counseling" -- which is a word reserved for licensed psychotherapists and psychologists. I am a healer, a medical intuitive, a holistic health practitioner, and an individual who has lived through and understands how to get well naturally. The process of healing doesn’t usually come through just one resource or modality, like talk therapy, pills, diet, exercise, etc. Healing is a multi-layered and often times multi-dimensional discipline. Like most problems, there is frequently more than one "root cause." Therefore, the solution is never quite as simple as it might seem, and the answer is never "one size fits most." If it were, your doctor would have already solved the problem quickly and completely -- instead of putting a Baid-Aid ® on it -- or you wouldn't be reading this page. Most problems are deemed "chronic" (lasting indefinitely or reoccurring) because the attending doctor or mental health practitioner either doesn’t see the "big picture" or he / she isn’t willing to take the time to assess the entire scenario. But more than that, they don’t and can't "get it" because they’ve never experienced it themselves. Duh! So they tell you that it's "all in your head," and either dismiss you (write you off) -- or worse yet, run you through a battery of tests and write you a prescription for drugs, or give you a placebo, and charge you a bundle. Sound familiar? Does to me.

It used to be that doctors relied heavily on their intuition to make diagnoses. In France, after more than 50 years, they still do. I don’t, won’t and can't diagnose anything. I will simply give you a free evaluation: my opinion based on years of experience as a healer and medical intuitive, and as a victim of chronic anxiety attacks and panic disorder myself. I'll tell you what I think is happening to you and why. It all starts with finding the "root cause." After all, how can you fix a problem (any problem) when you don’t know what it is -- please don't get stucked in by an intimidating medical term -- because you / they can’t identify its cause?

Panic and anxiety attacks are a symptom of something else. In my opinion, taking prescription drugs is fine when needed (I did), as a quick fix to get you through the rough times -- or long term, if you need them -- but they generally don't (and can't) fix the problem. Sometimes the root cause of anxiety and panic attack is something as simple as a food allergy, often times to wheat or dairy. Other times, as in my case, it’s a blood sugar imbalance, plus a genetic issue that often times goes undetected in adult women called adult ADD. Trust me, there's no difference between adult ADD and that ADD that youngsters children have, although it's very hard to detect and diagnose in adult women. And then there’s toxic waste, pesticides, heavy metals, household cleaners, and even fluorescent lights, which deplete the energy field, creating imbalances in the immune system, allowing the cancer virus (which we all have) to take hold and multiply.

Ninety-nine percent of the people who call me have panic attacks as a result of very poor nutrition and an addiction to sugar (carbs turn to sugar), causing their blood sugar and adrenals to be completely out of balance. This affects every aspect of their being. I should know, I've been there more than once. Every once in a while, someone has panic attacks that are a result of something else that nobody else can figure out and address. It's that 1% that I'm interested in hearing from and helping.
Most practitioners don’t touch upon the fact – either because they don’t know, don’t understand, don’t care, or they think it’s too "weird" – that we come in with (are born with) genetic patterns in our DNA that are memories from our previous lifetimes. Your religious beliefs may prohibit you from understanding or buying into this philosophy, but that's OK. Please hear me out. I'm not here to change your belief system or question your religion. My only job is to help you get well. Those memory patterns of our past lives and those of our ancestors are stored in our cells. We may be carrying the trauma and disharmony of hurtful past relationships, or even a horrific death. When those genetic patterns are identified and cleared, the body returns to a state of balance. I've been through this type of process dozens of times, and have lots of stories to tell you about overcoming pain and the anxiety of walking down stairs. 


If you're still reading this, please understand that 90% of the people who contact me have food allergies and/or a very poor diet. They have anxiety because they're malnourished. Like I did, they're not eating breakfast and call candy and a soft drink lunch. I see it frequently in the public schools. That's easy to understand with all the fast food, preservatives and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), defined as "an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques in the food industry today." They / you need wholesome (real) food and supplements (vitamins and minerals). So before you call me, try changing your diet for two weeks. Give up caffeine, sugar, alcohol and soft drinks. Switch from GMO wheat, corn, rice and safflower oil (the four biggies) to organic, and see how you feel. If you still feel poorly, call me.

          About ADD        

I've had it all my life. It's genetic. ADD plays havoc with your blood sugar. Most people with ADD have hypoglycemia: low blood sugar causing mood swings. If I don't eat until 1 PM, I'll sit down and have a good cry over nothing. To control ADD, treat yourself like a diabetic, give up processed food, frozen food, cannned food and fast food. They're filled with preservatives -- harmful chemicals that will affect your brain's ability to function normally. Eat small meals, stop drinking soda (water & chemicals). Drink lots of water instead. Read the book Driven to Distraction. Then read Delivered from Distraction. If you have ADD (short attention spam), ask someone to summarize them for you. They're both available from your public libarary. I've overcome most of my ADD symptoms by eating right, by taking "smart vitamins," lowering my stress levels, and not accepting stressful jobs that require me to multi task. For details, contact us


During our first conversation – my free evaluation – which lasts about ten minutes (sometimes more), if you like, I will tell you how I overcame panic attacks and anxiety disorder. Keep in mind that everyone is different and every situation is unique. What worked for me, based on my health and my circumstances, may not work for you. That’s why I'll interrupt you frequently. If I hear a trigger word I'll stop you in your tracks. That may appear to be rude. Please don't be put off. Rather than letting you ramble, which most psychologists do for hours, I need to focus in very quickly on those issues that pertain to you. Listening and asking questions is key to solving any problem. However, I treat each person like a mystery novel, decoding the facts, and putting the puzzle pieces together until the case is solved.

Don't call me if you're a sugar junkie.
That was part of my problem. Sugar and its many forms: fructose, honey, fruit juice, dried fruit -- and especially chocolate and icecream manufactured in the US -- which has twice the sugar content as the same products from Europe and other parts of the world -- are addictive. These sweet treats will produce highs and lows in your blood sugar levels throughout the day, producing symptoms of euphoria and well being in the short term, and depression and anxiety / panic over time. I'm not a medical expert; I'm a recovering sugar addict. Instead of eating dinner, I used to devour a large bag of M&Ms, thinking that I was getting some protein from the peanuts, and that it actually OK to eat them instead of quality food. I was young and I saw myself as invincible.

Are you eating carbs to give you a lift at 3 PM because you're exhausted, but not necessarily hungry? Have you had your thyroid gland tested lately? Unfortunately, if you have a blood test, and if you're borderline hypoglycemic, like I am, that might not show up in a test for many years, or until it's more severe. If you are hypoglycemic and have mood swings, or highs and lows of energy throughout the day, don't expect your doctor to diagnose your condition properly, since all he'll have to go by is a blood test, which could be inaccurate year after year. You'll need to do a lot of reading and possibly be your own diagnositician. I'm lucky, my mother is a retired nurse who enjoys reading about natural health and self-care.

Please call me on your nickel.
If you want my help, and since I'm not charging you for it, the least you can do is pay for the call: 561-499-0044. After our first conversation, if I need more time to gather information, if I feel that you need a licensed health professional instead of my services, a blood test, or specific nutritional products, I’ll tell you. I don’t work with everyone. I work with individuals who I feel I can really help. If I don’t think I can help you, or if don’t think I’m the best person to assist you, I’ll tell you that immediately. My only goal is to make a significant difference in your health and in your life today. My fee-based services are guaranteed.


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