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"Mother Robin" wins 2011 CNN Hero of the Year

Reduced dreamless deep sleep time linked to high blood pressure ...

Alternative medicine / therapies quackbuster Stephen Barrett, MD, has been
 called a crackpot. Read comments by the Alliance for Natural Health Europe.
Gail Seymour, President, GSPI; Producer, Just Relax... CD
Communications Vice-President, Association for Holistic Health

Study shows veterans suffer from PTSD and depression. Returning
 service members will cost the US $6.2 billion in the next two years.

Harris Poll 6-08 - 53% of American adults have gone green

Cancer patients often need treatment for chronic insomnia
Non-drug, side effects-free alternative therapies can be useful
alternative cancer therapies information
You may have seen John of God perform miracles on national TV.
Josie Ravenwing takes those in need of healing to Brazil.
directory of diseases, disorders, chronic illness

Many Experience Insomnia After September 11th
Reuters Health Information - Nov. 29, 2001

Top 10 Sources of Workplace Stress
Since Sept. 11th - The Business State of Mind

Study shows that insomnia treatment will depend upon
your physician's awareness over your preferences.

How to overcome anxiety and panic attacks

The Association for Holistic Health: A Historical Perspective
Interview with JoAnn Axton, RN, PhD, Pres., AHH (2-16-03)

The Foundation of the Healthcare of the Future
Interview with David J. Harris, Founder, AHH - 1981

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