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photo of Gail SeymourGAIL J. SEYMOUR, MSA, Stress Relief Coach, Life & Career Coach, Stress Management Consultant, Wellness Facilitator, Intuitive Healer and Holistic Health Marketing Consultant, is the President of Gail Seymour Productions, Inc. / GSPI dba Just Relax... ®, Delray Beach, Florida. She served as board member, executive director and administrator of the Association for Holistic Health, a proponent of alternative medicine, self care, and a leading force in the wellness movement since 1992. Gail earned a Masters of Science degree in Business Administration (MSA) from California State University, Dominguez Hills, in Carson, CA (Los Angeles County), where she also completed her undergraduate studies in business, doing her masters thesis on the local stock photography agencies. For samples of her photography, click here. After graduate school, she moved to northern California and established a chapter of the Health Optimizing Institute: HOI NorCal, in Santa Rosa, serving as their program director and marketing consultant for ten years. While in Santa Rosa, she founded and managed a networking organization for unmarried business professionals, the Business Singles Network; she was the president of a Toastmaster's chapter; and she developed and taught a business course, "Effective Networking: Beyond the Mechanics." Gail is the co-founder of IDEAS: Intuition Development Executive Achievement Seminars, which she started with her former business and life partner of 23 years, Gary Houston. Together they wrote and taught seminars to enhance intuition and creativity in the workplace. "Just Relax..." -- the introduction to a seminar called "The Perfect Boss" -- was originally recorded on audiocassette with Gary Houston's voice. See background. After Gary passed, Gail returned to south Florida, where she was raised, founded GSPI in 2001, and re-recorded "Just Relax..." on CD, with her voice, which soon became one of the best selling sleep CDs in the US. Gail also took a series of acting classes in Miami with Stuart Solomon, where she refreshed and honed her skills in front of a TV camera. Shortly thereafter, she appeared in several local TV commercials, and became the co-host of a nightly live television show in West Palm Beach, "New Age Wellness." A seasoned public speaker and credentialed college instructor in business communications, Gail has lectured at association meetings, health conferences and onboard cruise ships. She has appeared on national radio and regional TV talk shows. A holistic health marketing consultant, intuitive healer, spoken word audio CD producer and narrator, and the developer, formulator of Sleep Naturally ® aromatherapy / essential oil synergy blend for insomnia, designer and manufacturer of most of the products on this site, she makes public speaking appearances and volunteers at local cultural events. In addition to having an extensive business background, Gail Seymour has studied, taught and sponsored workshops in a number of hands on healing modalities, and has lectured at alternative medicine conferences. To read about the research performed by scientists in the field of energy medicine / hands on healing, as recognized by physicians, search for ISSSEEM. Gail has studied with a number of noted California researchers and gifted healers, such as Dr. Valerie Hunt, a science professor at UCLA, as well as with Roselyn Breuyere and Robert Rasmusson, both of whom were engineers. Gail's ongoing exploration into why people don't and can't heal led to the study and practice of other esoteric forms of distance healing. Documented case studies with her clients (on another site) led to invitations to appear on ShowTime and the History Channel. Gail is currently studying hypnosis at a nationally accredited college of hypnotherapy to further develop her keen understanding of the power of the mind. For more info, to schedule a free ten minute personal or business evaluation, and to see our rates & free gifts with purchase, please write to us or call us during business hours.

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  • Entrepreneurs
  • Owners & managers of small companies
  • Start-up companies (actual or planned)
  • Professionals in private practice
  • Executives in transition
  • Executives in transition
  • Brainstorming session to name a product or a business
  • Assistance filing a trademark or servicemark application

From time to time someone who thinks they know me, who doesn't have a clue about business, asks me this question: "You've been in business for about ten years now. Are you rich yet?" My answer is usually, "No, but the good news is that I'm still here!" Since most of the companies that I used to drop ship for are out of business, even if I'm not rich yet, I must be doing something right. Truth be told, I love what I do. It's creative, relaxing, fulfilling, and I get to help people who might otherwise be nervous, anxious, sleepless, hospitalized or potentially even dead. So although I'm not rich yet by their standards, I'm definitely rich by mine. My life is full, I'm happy, and I have peace of mind -- defined as the absence of mental stress or anxiety, and the presence of serenity, comfort and inner peace. Where do your priorities lie? If money is your first and only reason for starting a small business today, my free advice is don't do it. Gail Seymour 


These are some (but not all) of the topics that I am personally acquainted with and excel in teaching:

  • Life Planning
  • Life Vision & Enhancement
  • Self Care
  • Spirituality
  • Health & Wellness
  • Creativity & Intuition Development 
  • Longevity & Aging
  • Organizing your Environment 
  • Time Management
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Anxiety & Panic Attack
  • Raising Low Self Esteem
  • Self Empowerment
  • Enlightenment & How to Attain It 
  • The Dark Night of The Soul
  • Peace of Mind / Peace at Heart 
  • Psychic Self Defense
  • Stress Management
  • Choosing the Right Career Path 
  • Knowing When to Quit
  • Finding Passion & Keeping It
  • Women Traveling Alone Abroad
  • Letting Go of Loneliness
  • Returning to College?
  • Reversing Negative Self Talk
  • Weight Loss: Slowly & Sensibly

Gail Seymour Productions, Inc.


  • Graphic Design: If our schedule permits, we would be happy to assist you with your project from start to finish. Beginning with your concept, a phone call, and a series of emails, we will set your vision into motion by sending you a selection of images to choose from: (1) a computer generated background, (2) an image that one of our graphic designers creates for you, (3) a free or fee paid stock photo, or (4) a high resolution digital photo that you take, or one that we can scan. Your logo can be worked into the design. To see how we included ours, click here. The reason our work is so good and our presentation is so beautiful is that we strive to create sophisticated, complex, yet simple images.

  • Printing: We use US printers which we have used before, that offer us quality, affordable service. For a sample of our artwork and printing, go to: Just Relax... CD / digipak or contact us.


  • How to give a winning radio interview
  • What to say, wear and do on TV
  • Write, produce & design a quality audio CD
  • How to be your own publicist
  • Overcome nerves; stop stammering
  • Write newspaper articles that won't get edited


Gail Seymour has appeared in and edited the script for a commercial DVD, wrote and narrated her own spoken word & music CD, has had her poetry published in a book and major newspaper, wrote and edited a creativity seminar, wrote speeches and prepared resumes for executives. She enjoys writing and editing short projects, not books and not fiction. If you don't enjoy writing, but you want to get your name on an article or booklet, of if you need to make an important speech, consider hiring a ghostwriter.

A few years ago, I received a six page, third class form letter from the largest stock photography agency in the world, advising me that a photo of a palm tree, that my graphic designer had incorporated into my web site's banner, actually belonged to one of their clients. They sent me a copy of the photo, along with an invoice for $1,500.00. Not having the funds, I decided to fight. I looked into hiring a local attorney to write me a simple business letter. Because a one page letter would have cost me a minimum of $600.00, I decided to write the letter myself. After six months and three very long letters, I told them to prove with certainty that the photo of the palm tree was their client's, knowing full well that they couldn't, and that I was ready to go to small claims court if necessary to plead my case. I never heard from them again. Obviously, I won't charge you $600.00 to write a letter for you. Nowhere near that. Please contact me for samples of my highly charged and effective business writing.


  • Voice Coaching: Let's face it, not everyone has a pleasant speaking voice, but almost anyone can be trained to sound better than they do today. Whether you're presenting at a staff meeting or a conference, or appearing on radio or TV, with our help you'll sound like a pro in about an hour.

  • Voice Overs: Whether you're a corporate trainer or you need a spoken word audio program to accompany a written project, we can help. If you want original music (piano, synthesizer) added to the voice track(s), or a musical intro, we can write it and recommend three musicians who we have worked with in the past. The voice recording will be done at a local studio. The mixing and editing will be at CMR Records, Asheville, NC. To hear MP3s of our Just Relax... CD, click here.



Gail Seymour offers a free 10 minute personal stress relief evaluation or a "going green?" business evaluation to anyone who requests it. An appointment is required. If you live outside the United States and Canada, please contact Gail via email. Evaluations are usually held on evenings and weekends. Because Gail is also the CEO of a manufacturing company, please allow up to 48 hours for her to respond to your inquiry. RESTRICTIONS: Our telephone coaching services and the associated free gifts shown below are offered only within the Continental US, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada at this time.

            Gifts with purchase: images                      SAME RATES SINCE 2004  
  • 30-minute stress coaching session:
  • Just Relax... CD or download card +
  • 1 ml vial Stress Relief essential oil
  • Retail value of gifts on our site: $23

  • 45-minute stress coaching session:
  • Just Relax... CD or download card +
  • 1/6 oz bottle Stress Relief essential oil
  • Retail value of gifts on our site: $30

  • 60-minute stress coaching session: 
  • Just Relax... CD or download card +
  • 1/3 oz bottle Stress Relief essential oil
  • Option: 1/6 oz JR + 1/6 oz STR: $2
  • Retail value of gifts on our site: $35

  • Two 60-min stress coaching sessions: 
  • Any 6 piece Home Spa Kit in season
  • Kit will ship 10 days after 2nd session
  • Retail value of free gift on our site: $55


Free shipping: Cont. US, AK, HI, PR, APO/FPO.

Aromatherapy: 1 ml vials; free gifts with 30 minute stress coaching session Just Relax - Relaxing to Sleep CD: free gift with 30, 45 or 60 minute coaching session Aromatherapy: Just Relax... (R) or Stress Relief (R) ; free gifts with 30 or 45 minute coaching sessions  Any home spa kit / spa gift set; yours free with two 60-minute coaching sessions; visit our spa kits catalog to make your selection. Twin soy candle gift set, unscented; royal beaded embroidered organza bag; Just Relax... note card; 1 ml vial Just Relax.. (R) aromatherapy synergy blend.

If you prefer the twin soy candle gift set to a 1/3 oz bottle of aromatherapy or our home spa kits, contact us.You will be eligible for our gifts the day after our 10-day guarantee period for our services has expired.

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