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Inquiries from domestic and international gift manufactures, CD distributors and retailers of alternative health products and are invited. Also welcome are inquiries from sleep center directors, holistic health practitioners, corporate wellness trainers and the like. In addition to traditional channels of distribution, we are enthused about the worldwide potential for advertising and promoting Just Relax… along side your product or service.

  Advertise our CD to attract new customers

  • Design a radio or TV commercial around Just Relax...
  • Sell it at a discount to promote your product or service.
  • Advertise it via a “dollars off” coupon in the newspaper.
Use our CD to retain valued customers

  • Offer Just Relax... as a promo to attract new patients.
  • Create innovative ways to retain your existing customers.
  • Ask us how. We’d be more than happy to assist you.



                                                   Custom Orders

  • printed paper sleeve, cardboard cover, or plastic jewel case; minimum order: 250
  • Print your organization's name on the inside back cover, replacing our slogan.
  • Hot stamp or print your organization's name on the front cover.
  • Redesign the cover art completely to meet your needs. See our stock images.
  • Add your sales message or greeting before track one: 1 to 3 minutes.
  • Replace track 3 music with your message using your voice or our voice talent.
  • Also see: CD greeting cards | Just Relax... CD digipak

For detailed info about our Just Relax... CD, please see:

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