This program is the latest and most powerful version of a time-tested text. It comes closest to fulfilling the elusive promise of a panacea, yet it has never cured anyone of anything and it never will. Thousands have enjoyed its benefits since its inception in 1946. The text for Just Relax... is 100% positive, and in that it’s probably unique. There are powerful suggestions contained in innocent-sounding phrases...

Why is this powerful? Because it links a desired result with an action you are bound to take… breathing. What’s more, you don’t have to listen to the words. Focus on the music if you like. But if you notice that your thinking apparatus is busy with the day’s problems, attend to the words on this CD to chase away the mental chatter. It’s likely that you will fall asleep before our program is over.

Just Relax… is not sleep learning and it’s not subliminal. You can hear and understand every word plainly. It’s not a replication of what you would get if you went to a certified hypnotherapist with a specific problem. It’s not thrilling and inspiring to listen to. It’s not a new experimental text in the testing phase.

You will notice immediate results while using Just Relax… Of that we are absolutely certain. And although we cannot guarantee that YOU will either fall asleep quickly or stay asleep, our surveys indicate that 98% of our customers are asleep at or before the end of the program. We can state with confidence, based on comments from satisfied customers and health practitioners, that at the very least you will be more physically relaxed and mentally tranquil while listening to our program.

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