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Just Relax - Relaxing to Sleep CD by Gail Seymour
Why can't I find Just Relax at my doctor's office? 
Domestic / USA - Online

There are dozens of companies that we drop ship our products for and 
wholesale to that are also distributors. Below is a very small sample:

amazon.comcmrrecords.com | cdbaby.com | cduniverse.com | National Headache
| sony.store.com | target.com | towerrecords.com

 For a 30 day guarantee and free sample: 1.85 ml vial of Just Relax ®, Stress 
Relief ® or Deep Sleep ® aromatherapy synergy blend, please shop with us.

Brick & Mortar Retailers
City Mattress, West Palm Beach, FL | Midlands Holistic Health 
Center, Columbia, SC | Body, Mind, Spirit - Tampa, FL

Radio, TV, Magazines, Blogs
The Hatched Egg: anxiety, panic, stress, depression

Just Relax... is distributed in Europe by Discord Distribution.

Discord distributes to these stores and hundreds more:
 UK: amazon.co.uk | moodmagic.co.uk | woolworths.co.uk | zaavi.co.uk |
 France: amazon.fr | Germany: amazon.de | Spain: priceminister.es

Other: asta-entertainment.co.uk (Wal-Mart)

  Australia distributor: C&K Entertainment, Sydney;
Tel: (02) 9630 0909 | Australia online: au.shopping.com
    Canada distributor:
Lakeview Bottle, Ontario; Tel: (613) 389-7376           
 Canada online: SimplyAudioBooks | amazon.ca | ib3health.com

Just Relax... is available on: CD Baby, Apple iTunes, iTunes-Europe, iTunes-Canada and Amazon.com. If you see our CD as a digital download on any other site, with or without a fee, it is without our permisson and is infringing on our copyrights, which is illegal, please let us know. Thank you!

For detailed info about our Just Relax... CD see:

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