Relaxwear by Gail Seymour, a division of GSPI. Resort wear / cruise wear. Wearable art fashions and accessories made from hand dyed, hand painted, hand colored and hand stamped 100% cotton batik fabric and heavy weight, first quality rayon batik fabric to cover your body, calm your mind, caress your soul and beautify your surroundings. Our men's and women's cotton batik robes and other items will be available in the late fall of 2011. We will begin with an item that we will manufacture in the US in low quantities at first -- a long piece of hand stamped, hand dyed rayon batik fabric, finished at both ends, that has as many uses as you can think of. Folded in half length-wise, it can be worn as a shawl. Opened and tied, it can be worn as sarong / pareo. Use it to cover a table, bed, chair, TV and more. At 44" wide, it is large enough to sit on at the beach, exercise on, or to do yoga or meditate on. Light weight and easy to pack. Hang it on the wall or frame it. When you are tired of it, cut it up and make something else. The second item is a 100% cotton batik robe -- summer weight kimono robe, unisex, wrap style, self belted, no collar -- to wear by the pool, at the beach, to the spa, at a hotel and more. The images on this page are of cotton batik fabric swatches. When we find a selection of attractive rayon batik fabric that is not too bright, flowery or dark, we will add them. We will be selling our line at retail and taking wholesale orders when our cotton batik robes and other samples are online. We will go into full production on the beautiful, peaceful island of Bali, Indonesia, using fabric that is made in Bali, not Java, where most Indonesian batik is made, due to political reasons (terrorist attacks), and to support Bali's economy.


Samples of our cotton batik robes are on hold until the ready-to-wear segment of the economy improves. Whether we proceed beyond the samples stage will depend almost entirely upon the outlook of both the mid range and short-term economic conditions here in the US. Cotton, grown primarily in India, has increased in cost three times since we started using cotton batik for our aromatherapy pillows in 2006. Similar to the increases in the prices of coffee, the price of cotton started to rise significantly in 2010, when trading companies began to price fix, holding back the release of commodities like cotton and coffee, knowing full well that if they did, prices would soon skyrocket. Some (but not all) of that trend had to do with growers wanting to pay workers better, fairer wages.

Caution: The phrase "global influence batik print" is not real batik. It is a batik style print made to look like batik. Oscar de la Renta (I love his work) has a peignoir set that costs $178 at Neiman Marcus, made of satin microfiber, a synthetic. It is impossible to use synthetic fibers to hand stamp, paint and dye the fabric used to create a real batik print. Only 100% cotton, rayon or silk may be used to make authentic batik. Don't be fooled by a brown ladies' poly cotton blend robe with batik trim, listed on a US craft site, for a very low price. Described a "batik robe," it is misrepresented, since only the trim -- the self belt and platten: a thin strip of same or contrasting fabric, around the neck, down both sides of the front -- is batik

Cotton Batik Hand Dyed Fabric | Mottled / Watercolors

aqua watercolor cotton batik   perrywinkle watercolor cotton batik   multicolor watercolor cotton batik
Although the that fabric that we use is not certified organic, because the hand dying process requires that the fabric is boiled at least three times (and sometimes five) to set the colors each time they are applied, it is unlikely that any pesticide that may have been used during the growing process is still present in our finished goods. Boiling the fabric so many times also makes the fabric color fast and preshrunk.

Cotton Batik Hand Stamped Fabric | Prints / Seashells 

shell motif cotton batik; blue black   shell design cotton batik; brown black   shell design cotton batik; blue green

We included the fabric swatches above to show you that the same print is usually available in 3, 4, and sometimes 5 color combinations. If you see a batik print on our site that you like, but you don't like the color palate, please let us know. If it's not too late (if the fabric has not already sold out), we may be able to order the same print in a different color scheme for you. If you see a product on our web pages that you like, don't wait too loing to order it, since the fabric is seasonal, meaning that it changes frequently. So once it's gone we cannot reorder it, unless we special order 12 bolts, delivery: 6 months. 

Custom Orders
If you have a simple logo -- see GSPI's circle logo below -- we can create a stencil and hand paint your logo onto the front or back of the items, using fabric paint which is machine washable; it sits on the surface of the fabric; it is very durable. We created a line of painted wearable art goods in the past, using both cotton and rayon, using stenciled images and free form painting similar to murals. We tested the durability of the paint by machine washing the products repeatedly in hot water by machine, and they looked as good as new. If your logo is more complex than ours, another option would be to have us embroider your logo onto the front of the garment. Using a local vendor, we can offer this affordably and quickly in low quantities. Although we have not tested the embroidery thread to determine whether it is colorfast, we will test it before we add any embroidery, if you are interested in this option.

Yoga Meditation
We can also add an om / ohm symbol to our finished goods, whether the fabic is a print or watercolor, by hand painting the finished pieces using a stencil. See custom orders above. This will enable us to market our wearble art clothing to the yoga community. To see our new yoga meditation spa gift set box labels with om / ohm symbols, click here.

Custom Batik Fabric
We can create custom made fabric for you with your color scheme and design. Instead of your logo being embroidered or painted on afterward, it would be incorporated into the fabric by making a chop, which is a hand carved wooden block or hand made metal stamp. Using hot wax, the chop is dipped into the wax to make the area resistant to the dye. Once the pattern has been applied with hot wax, the fabric is dipped into a tub of boiling dye to create the background color. Next, the fabric is boiled with clear water to wash away the wax. It is dyed again with a different color to create the pattern. The cost of the finished hand stamped and hand dyed fabric depends upon the complexity of the design and how many steps are required to obtain the design.

Resort wear / Cruise wear
Resort wear -- previously known as cruise wear -- has been a specialized clothing style, sold primarily in the late spring, originally marketed by upscale stores and collections only to very affluent customers, who were expected to spend the post-Christmas / New Year's weeks in warm-weather climates such as Palm Beach, Florida. It is characterized by nautical style, classic Hawaiian prints with palm trees, brushed denim, floral prints, minty greens, yellows, blues and whites from the Mediterranean, and natural materials from the Carribean. It has evolved into a cross-cultural style that signifies relaxation, affluence, and an appreciation of nature, that displays a sense of style for the wearer. Although designers and design houses such as J. Crew, Banana Republic, Lilly Pulitzer and Tommy Bahama pioneered the style, other leading designers are now creating resort wear. To read this article, go to

   Gail Seymour, designer, manufacturer of unisex batik relaxwear   GSPI circle logo; trademarked; all rights reserved  ohm symbol yellow - the color for enlightenment 
We have enough cinnamon and gray fabric to make 3 men's robes. Above are examples of a simple logo (ours) and a symbol (ohm / om) that can be embroidered or hand painted -- by making a custom stencil and using washable fabric paint in one or more colors -- onto our cotton or rayon batik robes. For more examples, go to: fabric swatches with logo.
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