The Healing Power of sound and music

Just Relax - Relaxing to Sleep CD
 narrated by Gail Seymour

Marilynn Seits is a jazz pianist and composer of healing music for the body, mind, spirit. She composed the healing tones / sound therapy on track 2 of our Just Relax… CD, narrated by Gail Seymour. Marilynn practiced Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga for many years. She gives seminars and demonstrations on The Healing Power of Sound and Music.

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We've all heard the expression "Music soothes the savage beast" and many times we've gone home after a long stressful day, turned on some beautiful music and immediately started to feel refreshed. Why? What is it about music that can trigger all of our emotions from sadness to ecstasy?

Music is one of the most powerful and easily accessible healing tools that we have. A beautiful piece of music is a series of notes moving in an organized rhythmic pattern around a harmonic pitch much like the universe itself. The planets revolve around the sun in an organized rhythmic pattern as the moon revolves around the earth and so on.

Sound is vibrational energy. It is one of two basic elements of the universe. The other is light. Sound has a tremendous impact upon our daily lives. Scientists say that the universe began with a single vibration that grew and spread out until the universe exploded into existence. As human beings, our bodies are filled with vibrational rhythms from our unconscious breathing to our hearts racing with excitement at the sight of a loved one.

The use of certain musical keys can have a healing effect on the organs and systems of the body. A Western musical scale has seven different pitches. Similarly, the human body has seven chakas or energy openings, each with a specific musical pitch corresponding to the notes on the scale. The root chakra (a chakra resembles a pinwheel of light in the shape of a trumpet flower) pitch is C. The next one is D, then E. F is the heart chakra, G is the throat, A is the third eye, and B is the crown chakra on top of the head. Pitched sounds from such instruments such as tuning forks, glass bowls and metal Tibetan bowls and bells can also be used for healing and opening up the chakas.

Avoid music with drumbeats and pulsating sounds as it interferes with the natural tempo of your breathing. Keep the music in the background and focus on your breath, and the healing energy of the music can quiet your mind, heal your body and bring joy to your soul. - © 2002 - 2011 Marilynn Seits

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