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Door: The door is an important element of a house. It is a symbol of opening or passage from one place to another, one state or world to another, from light to darkness, a symbol of opportunity and liberation, the entrance to a new life, an initiation, a transition, metamorphosis; ex: from a moth to a butterfly (fabric).

Trees forming natural portal. Entrance to Boboli Gardens, Florence, Italy © 2012 Gail Seymour / GSPI

Woman on balcony. Meditation photography by Gail Seymour; © GSPI 2011. All rights reserved.

Woman on balcony (Cortona, Italy) by Gail Seymour © 2011 GSPI  

Gate: Shares the symbolism of the threshold (photo) as an entrance; entry into a new life; communication between one world and another, between the living and the dead.

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Portal photos: doors, windows, gates; Tuscany, Italy © 2009-2012 Gail Seymour / GSPI
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