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Just Relax - Relaxing to Sleep CD by Gail Seymour
Endorsed by the Association for Holistic Health

... much better and less expensive than Ambien
I bought this CD for myself and my son, who discovered that he had a relapse of Hodgkin's Lymphoma. He was devastated, since he had been in remission for three years. He was going into a stem cell transplant, and with the excruciating chemo accompanying the treatment, neither of us was sleeping through the night. This CD worked for us immediately. The first time I listened to the whole thing. Every subsequent time I fell asleep before the message was over. It even works for my Corgi, who rolls over on his back and starts to snooze when he hears the program begin. I recommended it to other people in the hospital who were having sleeping problems, and they found it helped them get to sleep. - Anonymous / Amazon.com

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... gave me a new life
Less than one year ago, post-heart surgery anxiety was taking over my life. I was becoming disabled -- until I found Just Relax... Gail Seymour's approach to self-healing through guided meditation and critically positive psychological prompts helped me begin to sleep during the night and regain my calmer self during the day. Without pharmaceuticals, I am well on the road to recovery from what my cardiologist called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I'm thankful every day for Just Relax... - Rita Clarke, Dallas, Texas

I must have listened to your CD a dozen times over the course of one year, trying to find something, anything that might irritate or offend me or someone else who is faith based, and I just couldn't find it. That's when I decided to place an order for our stores. - Lana Babcock, City Mattress, W Palm Bch, FL 

I've had difficulty sleeping for some time now, due mainly to menopausal symptoms. The first time I listened to your CD, I had the best night's sleep I've had in quite a while. Now I look forward to a good night's sleep every night. I'm a big fan! When I get into bed, I tell my husband that I'm going to bed with Gail. ;-) - Kathryn Powell, Marketing Director, Complete Health Products, Queensland, Australia

... almost took a nap at my computer

Your CD was very relaxing to listen to, especially while at work. I almost took a nap at my computer! The repetitiveness of your phrases works well. The tones in the background are great, too. The content is different, with more suggestion and less instruction. Most of the programs I've heard instruct the patient more with progressive relaxation and breathing. This was very easy to listen to and imagine the suggestions you put out. I especially like the "salt" suggestion for alertness. We will recommend your CD to our patients with insomnia. - Kimberly Trotter, MA, RPSGT, Practice Manager, Pulmonary Function Lab, Sleep Disorders Center, UCSF/Mount Zion Medical Center, San Francisco, California

... a lifesaver!

I've had major sleep problems since I was a teenager. Now I'm 48. In May of 2002, at the University of New Mexico Sleep Lab in Albuquerque, I was diagnosed with a rare combination of obstructive sleep apnea and insomnia. I was fitted with both types of face masks for the CPAP machine; but because I had an extremely difficult time breathing, even while using the full face mask, it was necessary to discontinue the treatment after only two months. It just wasn't working for me. As a result of chronic sleep deprivation, I was also diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Before and since the sleep therapy treatment, I tried everything from herbal teas, to aromatherapy, to prescription sleeping pills, to changing my eating habits and losing weight, but nothing seemed to help me sleep. Then, two weeks ago, the most amazing thing happened. I began listening to the Just Relax... CD. The first night I listened to it, I fell asleep in about fifteen minutes, whereas before it took me most of the night. The best thing about it is that I stay asleep all night and awake feeling more refreshed and energetic than I have in a long time. Thanks, Gail. Just Relax... has been a lifesaver! - Karen Miller, Albuquerque, New Mexico

... using it with massage clients ...

I really like your CD. I've been using it with some of my clients who have trouble relaxing. I also think they got a lot more out of the work that I was doing. - Marla, Fredericksburg Massage, Fredericksburg, TX

... using it with dental patients ...

We are using your CD at our office with patients who are very nervous about the treatment - Lidia Paz, DDS, (dentist), Homestead, Florida

As I entered the room to give a healing massage to client suffering from pancreatic cancer, I noticed that he was listening to your CD. - Rachel Rose, Licensed Massage Therapist, Delray Beach, Florida

... in a world of my own ...

I've had eight surgeries in eight years for osteoarthritis, with two more scheduled for this year. I'm generally so tense I feel like I'm wound up like a clock. When I listen to your CD, I'm a world of my own where nothing seems to bother me. - Lucie Weller, Delray Beach, Florida

The best audio relaxation program we’ve ever found. Perfect for restless nights or just about anytime. - Troy Rampey, International Learning Institute, Petaluma, California

I received the CD and enjoyed it, as I was lulled gently to sleep. - Lloyd Stein, Marketing Director, Q-Ray (magnetic bracelet for pain; As Seen on TV)

... state of calm relaxation ...

Ideal to use at bedtime to help you fall asleep, or any other time you just want to be guided into a state of calm relaxation. - Joy Watson, Mind Fitness International, San Anselmo, California

I thought it was very effective. I liked the music a
lot. The volume was just right for me. The voice quality was fine. The suggestions, even the repetitiveness, was fine. - Marilee Niehoff, PhD, Department of Management, College of Business Administration, University of Texas, Arlington, Texas

I like Just Relax… very much. The music is just right, as is the voice quality. - Richard H. Steip, MD (psychiatrist), Torrance, California

I don't know a mom who couldn't use one.

Sharon Redstone, daughter of movie industry mogul, Sumner Redstone, purchased five Just Relax... CDs from BabyUniverse.com -- one for herself and four to give as gifts to friends and family. See CD promotion

... the best of its kind ...

Just Relax… is the best program of its kind. - Howard Brudner, DC (chiropractor), Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

It would be a good tool for people to use at home. I really liked your voice quality a lot. - Vickie, Store Manager, Hippocrates Health Institute, West Palm Beach, Florida

I use Just Relax... two or three times a week. I find it very relaxing. When the stresses of the day get out of hand, I use it as a tool. It's very comforting. - Michael Locigno, (builder-developer), Boynton Beach, FL

My favorite part is when you go through the body, relaxing all the muscle groups. That's when I notice how much tension I still have in my body from the day. - Sarah Logan, Springfield, Oregon

... compliment to any weight loss program ...

It's the perfect compliment to any weight loss program. - Craig Bassett, sales rep, nutritional products

It's the first good night's sleep I've had in months! - Nancy Fried, MFA, Director, Chocolate Chip Animal Rescue, Loxahatchee, Florida

You did such a great job; it's amazing! Your CD the finest example of what's good for a person in dire need of sleep who just can’t reach that level. - Syd Martin, talent representative, Hallandale, Florida 

... asleep in 5 minutes ...

My wife got me your CD because I was stressed. When she handed it to me I said, "What's this crap? It's never gonna work!" But I figured I'd try it anyway, just to make her happy. So I put it on and fell asleep in five minutes. - Jay Shoostine, fine jewelry dealer, Boston, Massachusetts

... never more than 10 minutes ...

Your CD is just wonderful. I never make it more than ten minutes through without falling asleep. Bliss! I
almost feel as if by listening to your voice I am somehow protected when I sleep as well. It is so comforting and relaxing. - Amanda, Illawong, Australia
... such a deep sleep ...

Your CD put me into such a deep sleep that I had trouble waking up the next morning, so I tried
using your wake-up technique. - Libra Pistella, West Palm Beach, Florida
... taking a Power Nap ...

Just taking a Power Nap using Just Relax... fabulous! - Libby Bell, Independent research professional: mental health, specialty in behavior modification: the use of empirically demonstrated behavior change techniques to increase or decrease the frequency of behaviors, such as altering an individual's behaviors and reactions to stimuli through positive and negative reinforcement of adaptive behavior and/or the reduction of behavior through its extinction, punishment and/or satiation.

... listening for several years ...

I have been listening to Just Relax... for several years. Wow! - Nicholas Rakovic, Houston, Texas. Studied pre-med at Cornell University and counseling psychology at Harvard.

... very soothing voice ...

I love your CD and have been sleeping great at night. You have a very soothing voice. - Shirley Ratchford, Reflexologist; Indian Trail, North Carolina

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